R Cloud Workbench

R Cloud Workbench 1.2

Remote access to R/Bioconductor on EBI's 64-bit Linux Cluster
1.2 (See all)

It provides with remote access to R/Bioconductor on EBI's 64-bit Linux Cluster
You can start the workbench by downloading the package for your operating system (Macintosh or Windows), or via Java Web Start, and you will get access to an instance of R running on one of EBI's powerful machines. You can install additional packages, upload your own data, work with graphics and collaborate with colleagues, all as if you are running R locally, but unlimited by your machine's memory, processor or data storage capacity.

The ArrayExpress R Cloud Workbench is an outgrowth of the BBSRC (UK) funded (grant number BB/E001653/1) project called BioC-WebGUIs, with internal project name BIOCEP, whose main achievement has been the construction of an R virtualization framework, and the development of a scalable, distributed framework for exposure of R/Bioconductor packages to Java applications; also, a general resource pooling framework suitable for dispatching compute-intensive tasks to the server farm infrastructure at the EBI.

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